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Plymouth Barred Rock


Buff Orpington

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Standards - Pullets

Speckled Sussex
Buckeye (straight run)
Barred Cochin
Silver Cochin
Buff Orpington
Plymouth Barred Rock
Rhode Island Red
Golden-laced Wyandotte
Silver-laced Wyandotte
Gold Sex Linked
Red Sex Linked
Black Austrolorp

Bantams - Straight Run

While Cochin
Mille Fleur d'uccle
Plymouth Barred Rock (bantam)
Rhode Island Red (bantam)
Golden-laced Cochin
Blue Cochin

Pullets are sexed to 90% accuracy.
Straight runs are just that.

Standards $4.95
Bantams $5.50



Plymouth Barred Rock
Rhode Island Red

Buff Orpington exness
Silver-laced Wyandotte
Black Austrolorp

Birds are standard pullets unless otherwise noted



Items we carry:

We carry a wide range of chicken raising assessories including: feeders exness trader, waterers, heat lamps, light fixtures, bedding, books, feed (chick and layer, regular and organic), supplements, and other supplies.


Care of Baby Chicks Being Raised for Layers or as Pets

Temperature: 90 to 95 degrees the first week and then 5 degrees less each week, until 70 degrees and then they should not need heat anymore. One 125 watt heat lamp in a utility reflector is sufficient. Ventilation is important also.

Floor space: provide ½-1 square foot per bird for first four weeks. Two square foot per bird after is exness regulated in india fours week. Birds often pick at each other if they do not have sufficient space, fresh air, food or water, or are too hot. Fresh grass clippings and/or clumps of sod with grass may keep them busy and help eliminate problems.

Sometimes in the first few weeks chicks tend to paste up on their rear ends. This needs to be removed regularly. Use warm water and cloth. It should disappear as they grow.

Litter/Bedding: do NOT use newspaper (alone) or anything slick to raise chicks on because this may cause damage to their legs. Shavings work well, particularly pine and fir. Straw will work but can be slick for young chicks and usually harder to clean. Be sure to clean often and do not let chicks be on wet litter, it must be kept dry.

Feed: use chick starter crumble (preferably with antibiotics) for approximately 5 months from hatch or until pullets begin to lay. Also, provide some grit, preferably in a separate container. At 4 to 5 months switch to layer food and/or provide oyster shells or some other form of calcium to assist with egg shell development. Free range chickens can get grit and some calcium from their environment.

Water: always provide ample, fresh water to your birds. Use appropriate waterers so that birds do not drown. Do not use bowls or dishes. Raise waterers as the birds grow. The lip of the waterer should be even with the bird’s back. That way the waterers will stay cleaner and it is easier for the birds to drink.

Feeders: like the waterers, raise the feeders as birds grow. Hanging feeders and waterers reduce spoilage from chickens stepping in the device.

Additional Info: be prepared before purchasing poultry. More chicks are lost due to improper preparation such as heat, litter, waterers, feeders and feed than from disease. The area used for rearing should be free of rodents, cats, dogs, etc. It is not suggested to raise chicks together that are more than two or three weeks apart in age. The older ones may pick the younger ones, potentially to death. Use your good judgment if you are try this. It is often not be a problem, though providing sufficient space and heat minimizes problems. After 8 weeks of age, chicks are old enough to be introduced to older chickens.

Buy a book on home chicken raising, attend one of our workshops (or someone else's) and/or search the web for information when needed.

Good luck, have fun, take pictures and email your questions or comments.

Cheers, your friends at Livingscape


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